Process Equipment

For chemical recovery and pollution control, HBFS offers process equipment such as:





5.biogas reactors

This equipment handles the full range of dynamic and hydrostatic loads for chemical environments in industries such as wastewater treatment, power generation and chemical processing. Additional system components including internal and external piping, distribution systems and ducting can be produced in virtually any shape or configuration. 

Many of the HBFS products manufactured today are designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures ranging from - 104 Farenheit up to 250°C.                 


 A selection of the process equipment HBFS supplies:

1.Pressure vessels (CE)                          2.Quenches

3.Mixing tanks and reactors                      4.Columns

5.SO2 and HCI scrubbers (FGD)                    6.Cooling and drying towers

7.Bio filters                                    8.Spray headers

9.Biogas reactors                                10.Catholyte and Anolyte headers

11.Covers                                        12.Deodorization scrubbers

13.Settlers                                      14.Salt saturators

15.Separators                                    16.Cyclones

17. Evaporators                                  18. Internals

19. Headers                                      20. Lava filters

21. Electro filters                              22. Membrane housing


1.Cage ladders                                   2.Pumps

3.Platforms                                      4.Valves

5.Railing systems                                6.Level indicators

7.Platforms or anti slip (or skid) layers        8.Load cells

9.Leak detection equipment                      10.Dust filters

11.Vent scrubbers                               12.Agitator bridges

13.walkways                                     14.Agitators

15.Insulation and heat tracing systems          16.Reinforcement / vacuum rings

17.Steel or FRP supports 

18.Double wall construction or constant monitoring on the tank (PDS [Preleakage Detection System])