Dual Laminate Equipment

In 1952, 'Dual Laminate technology' was introduced  to the chemical industry. Dual Laminate construction combines the superior chemical resistance of thermoplastics or fluoroplastics with the mechanical strength of GRP (thermosetting).

Dual Laminate technique

The liner is thermoformed and welded after which the GRP is chemically or mechanically bonded to form a high performance dual laminate finished product. The added cost of this type of construction is justified by its greater service life, lower maintenance costs and higher process productivity.

HeBei FuSheng has recently improved the production process for special applications in order to achieve an adhesion between liner and GRP of more than 7 N/mm2.

Today, many of our customers specify Dual Laminate products for operating conditions requiring high chemical resistance and strength.

A selection of our Thermoplastic and Fluoropolymer liners used in Dual Laminate constructions:

1. PE, max. 60°C

2.PVC, max. 60-70°C

3.C-PVC, max. 85°C

4.PP, max. 90°C

5.PVDF, max. 100°C

6.ECTFE, max. 110°C

7.FEP, max. 140°C

8.MFA, max. 160°C

9.PFA, max. 180°C

10. Modified PTFE, e.g. TFM max. 200°C